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Category - SQL Interview Questions
1. What is RDBMS?
  • DBMS is a layer of abstraction between application and database.
  • Application interact with the Database via DBMS using Structure Query Language(SQL).
  • If the database is logically in the form of tables i.e., relation then we call this DBMS as RDBMS.

2. What is Relation in RDBMS?
A table in a database is called as relation.

3. What is Tuple?
A Row of a table in database is called as tuple.

4. What is Primary Key?
  • Primary Key is a column of a table which is used to identity a row uniquely.
  • Primary Key cannot have NULL values.
  • Primary Key cannot have duplicate values.

5. What is Unique Key?
  • Unique Key is a column in a table which does not allow duplicate values like primary key.
  • It allows one and only one NULL values.
  • A table can have one and only one primary key.
  • A table can have one or more unique keys.

6. What is Foreign key?
  • Foreign key is a column of one table which refers to the Primary Key column of another table.
  • It allows NULL values.
  • It allows Duplicate values.

7. What is use of Group by clause?
  • Group by clause is used to display data by combining or grouping one or more columns.
  • Group by clause is always is used in combination with Aggregate Functions.
  • Basically Group By clause comes after Where Clause and before Having Clause.
  • The typical order of clauses in a query is WGHO (W-Where, G-Group By, HHaving, O-Order By) in most of the queries

8. What is Having Clause?
  • Having clause is similar to where clause.
  • Having clause is used to filter the column generated by aggregate functions.
  • As where clause cannot be used with aggregate functions.

9. What is SQL ?
Structured Query Language(SQL) is a language designed specifically for communicating with databases. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard.

10. What are the different type of SQL's statements ?
This is one of the frequently asked SQL Interview Questions to freshers. SQL statements are broadly classified into three. They are
  • DDL – Data Definition Language
DDL is used to define the structure that holds the data. For example, Create, Alter, Drop and Truncate table.

  • DML– Data Manipulation Language
DML is used for manipulation of the data itself. Typical operations are Insert, Delete, Update and retrieving the data from the table. Select statement is considered as a limited version of DML, since it can't change data in the database. But it can perform operations on data retrieved from DBMS, before the results are returned to the calling function.

  • DCL– Data Control Language 
DCL is used to control the visibility of data like granting database access and set privileges to create tables etc. Example - Grant, Revoke access permission to the user to access data in database.

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